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Interactive activities to make physics attractive for basic school pupils, their teachers and general public

Acronym of the project: Don’t Be Afraid of Physics

Time span: 1.9.2009 – 31.12.2012

Co-operating organization: Institute of Experimental Physics

Key words: Popularization of science, physics teaching, active learning, preparation of teachers

Project abstract:
Since the attitude of pupils towards science is formed already during their early school years the project aims to help basic-school pupils discover the essence and the beauty of the scientific research via interactive activities. Through individual activities for pupils oriented on active learning, i.e. learning via discovering, learning from experience and creation of their own projects we try to develop their motivation, natural-science literacy and a positive attitude towards a future scientific career. The project will also include workshops for teachers aimed at preparing them for realization of the interactive activities and thus achieve implementation of the activities by as many schools as possible. Through a presentation of the results of the work of pupils participating in the project we will present physics as an interesting science that we encounter in our everyday lives also to the general public.

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