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Laboratory of EPR Spectroscopy

Contact person

Erik Čižmár, PhD
Email: erik.cizmar@upjs.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 234 2281
Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04154 Košice

Experimental facilities

State-of-the-art commercial X-band EPR spectrometer BrukerElexsys E500 (fig.1) is intended for the study of magnetic moments (spins) in different materials in applied magnetic field and microwave radiation. The spectrometer works at a fixed frequency of 9.4 GHz and in magnetic field up to 1 T. It is equipped with a flow-type helium cryostat with the temperature range from 300 down to 2 K and a programmable goniometer for sample rotation (Fig. 2). In addition, a special reference marker for qualitative analysis and g-factor calibration is available. It is possible to perform the measurements using rapid-scan coils and transient recorder with 8 ns resolution. The high-quality resonator allows the light irradiation of the sample through an optical window, enabling for example to study the photo-active materials. Laboratory is also equipped with a home-made EPR spectrometer with so-called cryogenic cavity working at 10 GHz at temperatures of liquid helium, in the fields up to 3 T.


The research conducted in the EPR laboratory is focused on the magnetism of different materials (molecular magnets, low-dimensional magnets, semiconductors and conductors with magnetic impurities, magnetic nanoparticles). Using the EPR we can study the magnetic anisotropy (Fig. 3) that stabilizes the orientation of magnetic moments in space, which is an important effect in the magnetic-memory design.

Photo gallery


EPR spectrometer Bruker Elexsys E500


The resonator of the EPR spectrometer with installed flow-type helium cryostat and programmable goniometer is located between the poles of electromagnet with maximum magnetic field of 1 T


Fully automated measurement of angular dependence of EPR spectra of a molecular nanomagnet



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