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Laboratory of Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Magnetism and Statistical Physics

Contact person

Assoc.Prof. Milan Žukovič, PhD
Email: milan.zukovic@upjs.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 234 2544
Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04154 Košice

Experimental facilities

CCurrently the HUGO computer cluster consists of 22 nodes (224 CPU cores, 8GB RAM per node) and is equipped with a unique operating system of the "Single - System Image" type based on a Linux kernel. The system is set up to provide scientific calculations and all standard numerical libraries are available. It is mainly designed for HPC parallel numerical computation enabling a theoretical study of spin and electron systems. The system provides the possibility to work in a variety of programming environments, including gcc, gfortran, pascal, Octave/Matlab and R. The C/C++ compiler is now available in several versions of gcc system, in particular in versions 4.4.4, 4.3.4, 4.1.2 and 3.4.6 (the latest version of the compiler is set as default) . The cluster is equipped with high-speed communication network element (switch) to transfer data between stations with network computing (32581110-3) Cat 5e cabling, 24 - port. As a protection against accidental power failure cluster nodes are connected to UPS.


Research focus of the Laboratory of theoretical problems of quantum magnetism and statistical physics is the theoretical study of spin and electron systems. At the same time, the laboratory also serve as an educational tool for advanced computing techniques for students of the Faculty of Science UPJŠ, with an emphasis on tasks of statistical physics, nonlinear dynamic and complex systems, and also many other problems of modern theoretical physics. Another objective is to implement and develop advanced numerical methods suitable for the investigation of spin and electron systems using freeware software packages such as software products ALPS type and Spinpack.

Offer to professional public

Computer cluster HUGO is available also to broader professional community in Slovakia and abroad. Interested researchers can apply for the account and after they are granted the credentials they can start using the cluster.



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