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PPMS and MPMS Laboratory

Contact persons

prof. Ing. Martin Orendáč, DrSc.
Email: martin.orendac@upjs.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 234 2548

RNDr. Gabriel Pristáš, PhD.
Email: gabriel.pristas@saske.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 792 2904

Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04154 Košice

RNDr. Erik Čižmár, PhD.
Email: erik.cizmar@upjs.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 234 2281

Ing. Jozef Kováč, CSc.
Email: jozef.kovac@saske.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 792 2316
Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04154 Košice

Experimental facilities

Two top-level devices from Quantum Design are located in this laboratory:
  1. Physical properties measurement system (PPMS) enables the investigation of physical properties – thermodynamic, transport and magnetic – of solids in the temperature range 0.4 K – 400 K and in magnetic fields up to 9 T.

    Options for measurements/research:
    • heat capacity
    • electrical resistivity – dc and ac techniques
    • Hall effect
    • thermal conductivity
    • vibrating magnetometer (appropriate for higher magnetic signals – larger magnetic moments)
    • susceptibility
    • electrical resistivity at high pressures
    • 3He option – for studying the heat capacity and transport properties

    PPMS options: Temperature accuracy: 0.5% @ 0 T
    Sample size: 1 to 500 mg; 20 mg typical
    Heat capacity range: 1 mJ/K to 100 mJ/K
    Resolution: 10 nJ/K @ 2 K, electrical resistivity, Hall voltage
    Voltage noise: 0.5 nV/ 0.5 nV/ Hz @ 1 kHz
    Voltage sensitivity: 1 nV
    Current range: 10 mA to 2 A (500 mA continuous)
    Frequency range: 1 Hz to 1 kHz

  2. Magnetic properties measurement system (MPMS) is a device designed for the investigation of magnetic properties of solids and liquids at temperatures from 1.8 K – 800 K in magnetic fields up to 5 T.

    Options for measurements/research:
    • dc a ac susceptibility
    • magnetization
    • DC and RSO option for investigation of magnetic properties
    • measurements under high pressures
    • Shielding of magnetic field in the surroundings of the device, including magnetic field of Earth, enabling to study systems with very weak magnetism.
    • He-3 insert iHelium3 extension of the temperature range below standard 1.8 K (base temperature is 0.46 K)

    Selected specifications:
    • Maximum sample size: 9 mm
    • Field uniformity: 0.01% over 4 cm
    • SQUID AC Susceptibility Measurement - 0.1Hz to 1KHz;
    • sensitivity: 2 x l0-8 emu at 2 T
    • Ultra-Low Field Capability ±0.05 G for the 5 T magnet
    • Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO) - DC Magnetization absolute sensitivity: 1 x 10-8 emu@ 2,500 Oe
    • Continuous Low Temperature
    • Control/Temperature Sweep Mode (CLTC) - Sweep rate: 0.001 - 10 K/min


Usefulness of the PPMS experiments is based on the fact, that the investigation of thermodynamic and transport properties of materials enables to detect and classify phase transitions and identify phenomena associated with magnetic, lattice and other subsystems in the studied compound.
MPMS measurements performed are focused on the investigation of magnetic phenomena in various types of materials, such as magnetic nanoparticles, low–dimensional magnetic systems, semiconductors, conductors with magnetic impurities and others. Using the aforementioned devices the investigation of compounds with large magnetic moments as well as those with very small magnetic moments is possible. Dynamic properties associated with the relaxation phenomena between various subsystems in the studied material are also investigated.

Offer to professional public

The laboratory offers possibility for external users to perform their own experimental studies.



Physical properties measurement system (PPMS)


Physical properties measurement system (PPMS)


Magnetic properties measurement system (MPMS)



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