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VSM Laboratory

Contact person

RNDr. Jozef Kováč, PhD
Email: jkovac@saske.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 792 2316
Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04154 Košice

Experimental facilities

The laboratory is equipped with the first and oldest vibrating sample magnetometer designed for the Faculty of Sciences (P. J. Safarik University) and the Institute of Experimental Physics (Slovak Academy of Sciences). For many years, it was practically the only facility at these institutions that allowed the characterization of materials in terms of their magnetic properties.
Currently, it is possible to measure the magnetic moment of different types of materials in varying form (solid state, powders, liquid) in the laboratory. The measuring temperature range is from 4.2 to 1200 K in magnetic fields up to 6 T. In these intervals field, temperature and time dependences of the sample magnetic moment as well as their combinations can be studied. Maximum sensitivity of the equipment is 10-7 Am2 (10-4 emu).


Even though this vibrating magnetometer is not characterized by an extreme sensitivity or accuracy of measurement as compared to more modern devices, its advantages are speed, simplicity and flexibility, in particular in the control. It is now used in particular for the basic characterization of superconducting materials – determination of the critical temperature, critical current, a critical magnetic field, and so on. Furthermore, it is possible for this unit to measure thermomagnetic curves up to 1200 K. From these measurements it is possible to specify the Curie temperature of the transition to paramagnetic state, crystallizing temperature of amorphous metallic alloys, multiphase of materials in the event they have in this temperature range the ferromagnetic transition and other parameters related to the magnetic properties of the substances. A routine is the measurement of the hysteresis loops of the ferromagnetic materials in a wide temperature interval, and the consequent determination of the temperature dependence of saturation magnetization, coercivity, as well as other related parameters.

Offer to professional public

Quick testing of samples of ferromagnetic materials with dimensions up to 5 mm and weight up to 1 gram and the determination of their magnetic properties based on the thermomagnetic and magnetization curves.

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