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Observatory Kolonica

Contact person

Assoc.Prof. Štefan Parimucha, PhD
Email: stefan.parimucha@upjs.sk
Phone: +421 (055) 234 2240
Address: Jesenná 5, 04154 Košice

Location of laboratory

Observatory Kolonica is located at the Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle, which is part of the Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné. It is situated in north-east part of Slovakia, about 120 km from Košice, near the city of Snina. Observatory lies in Dark-Sky Park Poloniny, providing best conditions for astronomical observations in the whole Slovakia.

EExperimental facilities

Observatory Kolonica are following devices:
  • Telescope Planewave CDK20 with a primary mirror diameter of 508 mm and the focal ratio f/6,8 attached on robotic mount Paramount ME. This instrument is placed in the enclosure with moving roof to protect it from weathering
  • Telescope Celestron C9 with a primary mirror diameter of 230 mm the focal ratio f/10 attached on robotic mount CG-5
  • Telephoto lens Sigma 2,8/300 attached on robotic mount Celestron-CGEM
  • CCD cameras Moravian Instruments G4-16000 and G2-8300 and Atik 383L+ with Bessel photometric filters UBVRI and Sloan filters of the second generation u'g'r'i'z'
  • Spektrograph eShel of echelle type from Shelyak Instruments with optical fiber design and with resolution power R=12000


The possibility to combine telescopes with different detectors gives us a wide range of opportunities for astronomical and astrophysical research:
  • CDK20 + eShel – spectroscopy of Be stars, symbiotic stars, novae and supernovae, spectral classification of bright stars, radial velocities measurements of binary stars
  • CDK20 + G4-16000 – high-precision (mili-magnitudes) photometry of eclipsing binaries, extrasolar planets transits, asteroids and pulsating stars
  • C9 + G4-16000 – precise photometry of eclipsing binaries, pulsating stars and cataclysmic variables
  • Sigma + Atik383L+ – wide-field photometric monitoring and/or searching of new variable stars, extrasolar planets, asteroids and comets

Offer to professional public

All our measurements are stored at our data server. We will offer to professional public, reduced light curves and/or spectra, as well as original CCD frames. It is possible to carry out observations based on a mutual agreement. More informations at http://astronomy.science.upjs.sk/

Photo gallery


Telescope CDK20 on a Paramount ME mount in enclosure with moving roof


Telephoto lens Sigma 2.8/300 with an Atik 383L+ CCD camera



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