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Bachelor study

Study programs in Physics

Bachelor level (Bc.):

three-year study in following programs:
  • Physics

    Absolvent of the bachelor level of study:
    • can -under the supervision of experienced specialists- perform demanding physical experiments, can solve independently physical problems as well as to apply physical laws into other areas of human activities,
    • is able to create computational models of processes, motivated by practical demands,
    • is qualified to manage various measurement and technological equipment,
    • possess wide spectrum of knowledge from all areas of physics, mathematical and informatical sciences and interdicipinary disciplines.
    Absolvent of the bachelor level of study is qualified to apply for jobs in computer companies, telecommunications and other companies dealing with applied electronics and physics. Last but not least, she aquires the background for the further study of physics on more advanced level.

  • Interdisciplinary study of Physics + one of the other specializations (biology, geography, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, american and british studies, slovak language)

    The study program is formed from combination of two specializations, complemented with essential background in social sciences and information technologies. The social sciences background includes the courses providing the prerequisites for the magister level study preparing student for future career as pedagog. The absolvent of the bachelor level is prepared to study at:
    1. the magister level of study of pedagogic in the selected specialisations,
    2. continue at single one of the choosen specializations as well as,

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